Welcome to my blog. As you’ve likely ascertained from my web address, my name is Jean Jaques (pronounced jeen jay-kwess, as it is the English version of the name instead of the French). I’m a writer, a lover of philosophical musings, and a total nerd. In the realm of fiction, I have a passion for world-building and love writing science-fiction, fantasy, and horror. I also have a deep care for humanity and the world we inhabit, so my non-fiction writing tends toward social, psychological, environmental and political concerns. However, I do occasionally enjoy lightening the mood with entertainment reviews and recommendations.

Although I enjoy writing short pieces for this blog, writing novels has captured my heart. I have recently completed the first novel in a science fiction series and I’m looking forward to finding representation for traditional publishing. When I’m not writing, I can usually be found gaming or indulging in a story-driven TV series with my husband and partner in all thing nerdy, reading a good book and sipping tea, or seeking new lands by means of nature hike, road trip, or international travel. To sum up, whether the journey is emotional, cerebral, physical, or all of the above, I long for adventure.

In regards to this blog, I’ve broken down the content into four categories: Fiction, Dear US Government, Entertainment, and Other Non-Fiction.

Under Fiction, you will find anything from cliff-hanger story ideas to poetry- usually something with a science-fiction, fantasy, or horror feel. This is a great place to get a glimpse into what kind of novelist I am- think of it like an appetizer.

In the Dear US Government section, you will find my political, social, and environmental concerns conveyed in letter form as if writing to the United States Government. This is just my way of expressing my concerns and generating ideas for improvement. Sometimes I rant, sometimes I use dark humor- always it’s because I care.

The Entertainment category is where I post reviews and recommendations for TV shows, books, games, or whatever else I think is worth sharing. I only post about entertainment I’ve enjoyed, so no negative reviews here. Think of it as a directory for fun.

As with most organizational systems, some items just don’t fit. Other Non-Fiction is like the household junk drawer, the stuff inside serves a purpose, but it doesn’t belong to the other categories. What can I say, I’m a sucker for misfits.

Have comments or feedback? You’re welcome to leave your thoughts in the comment section at the bottom of my posts or write me directly in the Contact area. And please feel free to start a conversation thread with fellow readers. I always welcome open discussion and an exchange of ideas. I only ask that remarks are kept civil and constructive. I enjoy hosting a philosophical, open-minded, and entertaining space where people feel safe to agree and disagree respectfully.