Jean Jaques is a writer, voice actress, and singer available for hire.

As a writer, she has completed the first novel in a science-fiction series and is currently querying agents. In the world of fiction, she enjoys writing science fiction, fantasy, and horror. In non-fiction she enjoys writing pieces on health and wellness, social issues, politics, nature, and psychology. However, she is open to writing new subject matter if the job is a good fit. She has also attended several college courses, work-shops, and writers’ conferences to finely hone her skills.

Voice acting is a new venture for Jean, something that sparked her interest when a musician who hired her to sing on his album, asked if she would be interested in a speaking part as well. Thoroughly enjoying the voice acting role, she realized it was a talent she wanted to share. In her youth, Jean was involved in many theater productions and has always been a thespian at heart. Voice acting is a wonderful way to scratch that theater itch while freelancing from home.

Jean has been singing since she started to talk. In her youth she was active in her school choir and musical theater. As an adult she has enjoyed writing her own music and has performed locally at coffee shops and pubs. Also a proficient pianist and lyricist, she is currently working on an album alongside her husband, who is a percussionist and recording artist. Jean sings in an alto and second soprano range and enjoys singing music ranging from progressive metal to folk to classical. She enjoys the challenge of trying on new “voices,” and easily adapts to various musical styles.

Let’s build something together.

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