The Journey So Far…

Five years. Damned near five years since I first was smacked with the overwhelming desire to write a book. And at first it seemed so… easy. (Excuse me while I take a moment to laugh hysterically to myself.)

Oh, the naivety. How I miss it. And yet, my writing skills have flourished in a way I never knew existed. Seriously, I always thought writing came somewhat naturally to me, like singing, or drawing… I just sort of picked it up like an old habit. But, just like singing and drawing, writing is an art form. It’s malleable and ever-growing. There’s always one more pitch to perfect, one more brush stroke to master, one more perspective to write.

But I’m close now. Just one more beta read, (that’s what we in the industry call it when we have critical eyes look over our work to give us truthful feedback before sending off to an editor), this is my fifth time.

Then, a professional content edit, perhaps a pro copy edit, cover art, formatting, probably about five other things In neglecting to think of right now at 12:30am, and I will finally be ready to publish!

And to think the first draft only took me roughly two weeks of insomnia-driven madness to spit out… I’ve learned to much since then. I can’t wait to share the outcome with all of you!

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