Addicted to Shameless

True, I’m a bit late jumping on the band wagon for this show, but better late than never. Always an intriguing lure on Netflix, I continued to steadily ignore my draw to watch Shameless, even though my husband had finally started it without me and then insisted I join him. I think I was resistant because I knew it was going to be about kids in a fucked-up situation, and dammit, nothing can trigger me quite like child abuse. So, I was reluctant to take on the dark comedy.

But, I inevitably gave into to my curiosity and now I’m hooked. I have to hand it to the writers, they’ve managed to make me laugh at some truly disturbing stuff from time to time. Of course, they’ve also made me cry, and get angry, and get even more fucking political.

What I love about this show is the very realistic peek into poverty-stricken America. It shows the camaraderie that is formed, the closeness that comes from surviving together from one dire situation to the next. I think something can be said for that almost tribal belonging a person feels when they are in a situation that demands a certain amount of looking out for one another.

Believe it or not, I know a thing or two about piling five or six people into a fifth wheel in the middle of winter and keeping a crow-bar (aka the tweaker stick) beside the front door in case things go sideways. I’ve been a very fortunate person, in that I have experienced life in the shoes of different economic classes and lifestyles. Well, except for that whole super rich thing, I’ve yet to experience that. But, I have drifted back and forth between below the poverty line and right at middle class at different points in my life. And I will say that as much as I like living in a comfortable apartment and enjoying some extra comforts, (something I’m more than grateful for), I will admit that it is more difficult to form a tribe. There’s just something about being in a bit more of a survival situation that brings people closer together, (even if it’s sometimes a dysfunctional tribe at best)… I digress.

I guess the point is, if you’re not already completely hoked on Shameless, I can’t recommend it enough. I think there is a lot to learn from the finer details of that show. Also, if you like laughing your ass off, and you’re slightly singed with a dark sense of humor as I am, it’s a good bet this show will crack more than a smile.

Well, that’s the show I’ve been tuning into lately. What have you been enjoying? Any suggestions?

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