The Glass Wall- The Star Raven Saga (Book One)

My first novel is in the pre-editing stages. My beta readers are hard at work to give me feedback before sending it off for a final edit. I will be self-publishing and plan to be having a release party by early next year. This project has been nearly four years in the making, but now that I have a better understanding of most the business aspects of this profession, I anticipate the rest of the series to flow forth more consistently. Thank you to the Souther California Writers’ Conference for helping me to get a hold on the finer details of both the writing process and the business of writing. Thanks to all of my beta readers for your support and hard work. I know many of you have been waiting for this book to release for a while now, as I’ve been talking about it for years. Here’s a blurb from the first chapter to tide you over for now:

…CRACK!Maeve dropped into a crouch at the all-too-familiar sound. She waited, arms shielding her head, breath held still… nothing, no more gunfire. Maeve crept to the edge of the platform and scanned her surroundings… no corpse… no shooter in sight. Any thought of stillness was fast replaced by the frenetic haggling of local peddlers striking deals with the various cargo ship crews. The fear of catching a bolt in the head seemed to evaporate in lieu of a profit margin. Nervous chatter bubbled out from the group of whores standing on the front deck of the brothel next door. Their pimp, who seemed wholly unfazed by any of it, kept eyes on them from a chair by the entrance. The way he watched them, dragging his skinning knife over a sharpening stone, caused Maeve’s innards to recoil. She looked away.

Engines roared overhead, growing louder as a ship descended into the landing docks. Dust stirred and caught on the wind, saturating the air and stinging Maeve’s eyes. She pulled the gossamer hood of her day-cloak over her face until she heard the engines wind down. A series of sharp squeals jolted her. A group of children, some no more than four or five, ran out from the alley behind her, wooden toy guns and sharpened sticks waving through the air, their little faces sweating dirt, their feet bare. Maeve grimaced. More than half of them would likely find a grave before adulthood. Windhowler, like most Danuan desert cities, was loud, filthy, and marinated in a kind of violence that’d make any sane person less inclined to sleep. She wouldn’t miss this place…

I hope you enjoyed you’re teaser. Any feedback for me? Feel free to comment below.

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