Currently Reading: Firefly- Big Damn Hero

Have I mentioned how much I love Firefly?

Not that it’s a huge surprise or anything. Odds are, if you’re an avid science fiction fan, you have a soft spot for Firefly. And, who wouldn’t? It’s that perfect mix of comedy and drama, dark and campy, intense and light-hearted.

And, yes, I am most definitely one of those die-hard fans who watches the whole short-lived series followed by a Serenity wrap-up roughly once a year, only to find myself disappointed and longing for more all over again. (It’s probably top of the long list I keep called, “things I hate about Fox,” vying for first place with their so-called news.)

Thankfully, the pieces of missing story, hinted at in the show before it was so rudely interrupted, that have left me with an overwhelming longing for completion, have been addressed in literary form. At first I started collecting the graphic novels, and now my quest is to complete the full-length novels.

“Big Damn Hero” is written by James Lovegrove, based on the original story concept of Nancy Holder, and of course endorsed by consulting editor, Joss Whedon.

I’m currently only on page 105, (as I admittedly spend more time writing than reading of late), but so far the read has been pretty damned shiny. The words are strung together in such a way that lets me see our beloved anti-heroes playing out the scenes in my head. And other than getting to rent the whole damned series from an alternate universe in which it got to run a full ten seasons, this is by far the best damned chance I have of satisfying my firefly cravings.

Are you a Firefly fan? If so, I recommend picking up this book. Have you read it already? Did you enjoy it as much as I am? Let me know in the comments below.

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