Currently Working On: Book Two of The Star Raven Saga

The Glass Wall (Book one of The Star Raven Saga) is out for beta reading and it’s probably best if I don’t look at it until I collect all of the feedback from my diligent beta readers. This means I’ve been freed up to focus on the second book in the series, “Shattered”.

So far, so good. I started writing “Shattered” as soon as I thought I was all done with “The Glass Wall,” (about 3 years ago). And, much like “The Glass Wall,” I started writing the second book in omniscient point of view, something that I was quick to find out at my first writer’s conference, is not a) an easy perspective to pull off well, and b) not really what people are looking to read anymore for the most part.

Well, as a woman who grew up listening to Tolkien as a bed time story and gobbling up just about any high fantasy book I could get my hands on, I honestly hadn’t considered writing from any other perspective than omniscient. Then, I was introduced to something called close third-person point of view. And, I fell in love.

I like to think of writing in close third-person as playing a video game in third person and being able to feel what the character is feeling and hear what the character is thinking. Honestly, it’s kind of a trip. Maybe even kind-of a high to write like that. It really grounds me into my characters. And, since I have chosen to change which character’s perspective I’m writing from at page-breaks, I’ve become even more immersed into them. I find myself not thinking as me when presented with an obstacle within the story, but as whatever character I’m writing through. It has given my writing a whole new life.

Of course, that meant I had to spend the last three years re-writing and re-writing and re-writing The Glass Wall in order to become proficient in this writing style, certainly a labor of love. And now, I’m starting the process over again with “Shattered.” Lucky for me, I only made it about five chapters into this book from an omniscient point of view before realizing I would be re-writing its predecessor.

I’m so grateful to be undertaking this next book with a greater understanding of my craft and the business of writing in general.

3 thoughts on “Currently Working On: Book Two of The Star Raven Saga

  1. Great to hear what you’re up to, Jean! I have a soft spot in my heart for omniscient for the same reasons you cite, but I also fell in love with third person close. Now I write almost exclusively in that POV, although some short stories lend themselves well to first person.

    I hope you get really constructive feedback from your beta readers!

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    1. Joy! So good to hear from you. Yeah, I fell off the map for a while, needed to go into major introvert mode and refuel, ground, get back in touch with my passion for the arts, etc. have you been going to conferences?

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      1. I have been a bit of a hermit myself lately, mostly due to insane work deadlines for the last few months (which won’t let up until May). I skipped SCWC in San Diego but a couple weeks ago I went to FOGcon in Walnut Creek (which is much cheaper and focused on SFF). I’ve registered for SCWC in Irvine in September and might be doing World Fantasy in October, since it’s going to be in LA this year. But I’d better get more writing done before then!


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