Getting Down To Business

Since my novel-in-process is still out for beta reading, I’ve been taking some time to wrap my head more firmly around the business side of things. I recently started working for one of those app-based delivery services which let you make your own hours and hire out essentially freelancers, (meaning I’ll be handling taxes as an independent contractor), and that has been a great way to get my feet wet with tracking business cost and revenue.

Another way I’ve been prepping is by obsessively watching episodes of The Financial Diet on YouTube. Not only is that helping me get my personal finances in order so that I can find the money to invest into self-publishing my novel, but that channel is full of great advice on structuring life in a way that is more productive and business focused, (something that this very right-brained, type-B, head-in-the-clouds kinda gal needs some serious help with.

In other words, I’m having to get in tune with the not-so-creative side of being a writer. But, strangely enough, I’m finding some joy in it. I actually enjoy watching The Financial Diet and I do like making lists and organizing things. (I’ve always liked making lists, following through on them is another matter though.) And, I’ve been pretty great about sticking to my list and my self-made schedule.

I watched this cool YouTube video about “Resistance” a few weeks ago, and I watch it every now and then to re-center. Now I recognize when I’m facing resistance within myself, when I’m resisting my own creative process, when I’m resisting living my life as I wish. Something about how the information in this video was presented… it really spoke to me. I mean, I’ve watched and read and attempted to practice just about every self-help concept under the sun, and then, out of no where, this rather simple video pops up as I’m searching how to make it as an artist, and BAM! I can suddenly see so clearly that which holds me back. And let me tell you, it is a whole lot easier to face your demons when you can see them dead on. They say knowing is half the battle. Knowing resistance, seeing it as this almost independent entity trying to hold back personal greatness. It’s a simple concept, really. Every time your getting ready to take steps toward your goals and you find yourself distracted by other short-term-satisfaction desires, (like eating, or watching TV, or drinking, or having sex), you have to ask yourself, is this really something I care about doing right now, or is this my self-doubt finding a round-about way to resist my personal progress?

Of course, I’m not saying to give up food or sex or TV or anything else you love. I still embrace life’s comforts and pleasures. What I am say is, are you doing those things as a way to distracts yourself from a goal or are you doing them to reward yourself for completing a goal. That’s what I had to start doing. I now see the things I enjoy doing outside of my work, (writing, art, etc.), as rewards for completing my business related tasks. Because, the fact is, I love writing and painting and performing. I love the idea of doing those things for a living. And so why not reward myself with the easy instant-gratification joys in life? I read (or heard) somewhere recently that being a successful adult is essentially just being a good parent to yourself. In other words, I’m raising thirty-something self using positive reinforcement and gentle nurturing tactics. And I have to say, so far, it’s really working!

Does anyone have any personal stories to share about resistance? Or perhaps some good pointers on being self-employed? Feel free to comment below.

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