Art for Women’s Rights

I’m adding this entry to my Mission Log, because I’ve been drawn toward a certain level of activism lately. Sometimes a person has to ask themselves, what do I stand for? And, whereas I’m most definitely a science fiction and fantasy writer, I am also a big supporter of humanitarian issues such as women’s rights. And sure, people in the biz like to advise against mixing political or social views with one’s writing persona. But, here’s the thing… That just isn’t authentically me. Nope, at heart, I am an activist. Even woven throughout the heart of my stories, there is an activistic presence. And, no, I don’t think that my political view points should decide whether or not you, my dear and loved audience, wants to read my science fiction and fantasy work. In fact, I hope it does not. But, in the end, if it does, then that is something I will have to accept as a writer and an artist. Because, I, Jean Jaques, cannot ignore my conscience and remain quiet in times of struggle. That’s just not who I am. Todays Mission: Women’s Rights.

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