About Jean Jaques

Jean Jaques is a science-fiction and fantasy writer with a passion for exploring the social and psychological issues we as a species deal with everyday, through the use of fantastical story-telling and in-depth character development. Her love of science-fiction and fantasy started at a young age under the guiding influence of her mom and grandparents. Jean’s mom read The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings to her as bedtimes stories and freely admits to bouncing Jean to sleep as a baby while watching reruns of the original Star Trek. Her grandfather was always reading science-fiction/fantasy pocket books and introduced her to fantasy movie classics such as Red Sonja, Conan the Barbarian, and of course Star Wars, while her grandmother got her into science-fiction horror classics like Alien. The Terminator, and Predator.

Always the artistic type, Jean spent her youth singing, playing piano, performing in musical theater, and drawing. She found a love for story telling through writing music lyrics and poetry early on, and it developed into a passion for creative writing in general.  When the idea for her first novel struck her, Jean had never considered writing as a career, always thinking she’d either make it as a musician and lyricist or become a psychologist, (a field in the sciences that had always interested her). But from the moment she wrote her first chapter, she was addicted. Now, with the release of her first novel steadily approaching, and a list of new ideas waiting, Jean knows she has found her calling.

When she’s not writing, Jean enjoys creating and recording music with her husband, gaming, reading, painting, watching the latest science-fiction and fantasy series or movie, traveling, hiking, and practicing yoga/meditation.