About Us

Jean attended school for Massage Therapy and Yoga Teacher Training in 2011. Although she had to give up practicing massage as a profession, due to the pain and inflammation it was causing in her fingers and wrists, she has never regretted the valuable lessons that massage school taught her about the power of human connection.

She fell in love with Yoga in 2007 when she discovered how much the consistent practice relieved her of anxiety, depression, and chronic lower back pain. The clarity of mind she felt as a result of practicing Yoga inspired her to learn how to teach it to others. Since then, she has used that knowledge to teach small donation-based classes out of her home. She sees teaching Yoga as a way for her to give back to the world.

Jean’s other passions include writing/performing music as a singer, lyricist, and pianist- writing/reading science fiction and fantasy novels- painting/drawing- studying various esoteric arts and spiritual practices- hiking- traveling- gaming- and spending time nerding out with her husband, Dustin.

Her current goals include: finishing the editing process on her science fiction novel, returning to school for a teaching degree with the intention of teaching English at an international level, creating and posting original music videos to YouTube, continuing a consistent mindfulness practice, and building a Compassionate Nation.

Dustin also attended school for Massage Therapy, where he found a particular love for the the art of Thai Massage, Shiatsu, and a variety of Eastern techniques. Although he is not a Yoga teacher, he has enjoyed taking various styles of Yoga classes and often practices Yoga alongside his wife, Jean.

A big fan of comedy, Dustin will often use his own comedic flair to brighten someones day. Keeping life light and full of laughter is one of his gifts. He excels at finding the good and focusing on it.

Dustin’s passions include: writing/performing music as a drummer- learning guitar and vocals- listening to a wide variety of music, (his favorite genre being Progressive Metal)- creating digital art- photography- gaming- making people laugh- and spending time nerding out with his wife.

His current goals include: creating and posting original music videos on YouTube, becoming confident at playing the guitar, becoming a studio drummer, returning to school for digital art and photography, starting a portable graphic design and photography business that will allow him to travel the world, and building a Compassionate Nation.