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Building a Compassionate Nation

Hello all,

Jean here. For those of you who followed my previous blog, you know that I wrote a review blog about genre entertainment. Now, as much as I believe entertainment and art are important to society, current events have inspired me to start a different style of blog. In fact, current events have inspired my husband, Dustin, and I to run this blog together, and we are calling it Compassionate Nation.

This site is dedicated to talking peacefully about real world issues and finding compassion for our fellow human beings no matter what walk of life they come from, no matter what political opinions they may have, no matter their skin color or religious beliefs or sexual orientation, or gender. This is a place to let go of hate and division and to come together as a united nation of compassion. Also, we will be providing free Yoga classes and making recommendations for classes, books, and videos you can check out to help deepen the levels of compassion within. To develop empathy and unconditional love for your fellow Earthlings. This is about real human connection and seeing ourselves in each other. Continue reading