Art for Women’s Rights

I’m adding this entry to my Mission Log, because I’ve been drawn toward a certain level of activism lately. Sometimes a person has to ask themselves, what do I stand for? And, whereas I’m most definitely a science fiction and fantasy writer, I am also a big supporter of humanitarian issues such as women’s rights. […]

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Getting Down To Business

Since my novel-in-process is still out for beta reading, I’ve been taking some time to wrap my head more firmly around the business side of things. I recently started working for one of those app-based delivery services which let you make your own hours and hire out essentially freelancers, (meaning I’ll be handling taxes as […]

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The Journey So Far…

Five years. Damned near five years since I first was smacked with the overwhelming desire to write a book. And at first it seemed so… easy. (Excuse me while I take a moment to laugh hysterically to myself.) Oh, the naivety. How I miss it. And yet, my writing skills have flourished in a way […]

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